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Sunday October 31, 2021, 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm ET (Live and Livesteam)

Wagner Society of New York presented its 41st Annual Seminar, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, on Sunday, October 31, 2021, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm (ET), both live and via livestream at:

Programclick here to view and download a pdf of the program.

Special ebook offerWagner’s Die Meistersinger in Perspective by Peter Bassett, a noted Australian Wagner author and lecturer, is now instantly available. Price: $10.00; download directly from:  www.wagnerebooks.com (payment by Visa, MC, AmEx, or PayPal).


The masterclass with Stephen Gould, presented by the Wagner Society of New York, premiered on Dec. 11, is still available! The video will stream indefinitely on the WSNY YouTube channel, for your pleasure. Click here to watch it!

Stephen Gould, renowned international Heldentenor, coached three rising tenors, all Society awardees or grantees: Jeremy Brauner, Errin Duane Brooks, and Mauricio Trejo, accompanied by Craig Ketter, in six excerpts from the Wagner repertoire. A few comments:

This was fantastic! Thank you for sharing this wonderful masterclass.”
So wise and smart…one of the finest and most intelligent Wagner singers of our day.”
Such a thrill and so enlightening to see a great singer really dig into the text and the music.”

September 17, 2020: U.S. Book Launch of Wagnerism

The Wagner Society of New York and Powerhouse Arena book store presented the Official U.S. Launch of Wagnerism by Alex Ross in Conversation with A.O. Scott on Monday, September 14. WSNY was represented by Scott Carlton, the Society’s Director of Singer’s Programs. A review of the book in Wagner Notes is forthcoming. Meanwhile:

  • NEW! Click here for an online resource that contains really remarkable aides to topics throughout the book; you’ll find a very carefully curated selection of texts and specific music clips. Enjoy!

About the Book.
Alex Ross, renowned New Yorker music critic and author of the international bestseller and Pulitzer Prize finalist The Rest Is Noise, reveals how Richard Wagner became the proving ground for modern art and politics—an aesthetic war zone where the Western world wrestled with its capacity for beauty and violence.

June 29, and July 1 2020: 40th Annual Seminar/Webinar: Der fliegende Holländer. Those who may have missed these special presentations can access both Sessions on WSNY’s YouTube Channel, or by clicking on the links below:

April 29, 2019: Rheingold Reception

“…just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the event last night. It seemed to be pitch perfect and just what was needed before a wonderful evening.”

We want to thank you for all the organization you do…You made our one week in New York very special.”

May 6, 2019. Rheingold reception: WSNYMembers Joan Drelich and Alice Kenny enjoy mixing with guests from around the world.

May 5, 2019. WSNY Rhine Journey on the Hudson:
115 WSNY Members, Met Ring cast members and guests mingled aboard the Cloud Nine IV under the command of our fearless captain (pictured below right). Shown below left: Nathalie Wagner, (WSNY President) with Kirsten Chambers (Helmwige cover), Stefan Vinke (Siegfried), Mary Phillips (Rossweise), Kelly Cae Hogan (Gerhilde). One attendee wrote: “I had a wonderful time on the Rhein cruise, despite the weather. It was so fun to talk to so many Wagnerites.”

  • Past Season Retrospectives

    For a retrospective of earlier seasons, please consult our publication, Annals of the Wagner Society of New York, 1977-2002, 25th Anniversary Edition. Available from the Society; see Catalogue.

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    Retrospective of 2021-2022 Season

    Sept. 26. Patrick Allen, organ. Recital of organ arrangements of Wagner excerpts. Live and livestreamed.
    Oct. 31. Seminar on Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Speakers:  Victoria Bond (and moderator); Jeffrey Swann; Met Orchestra Members: Joseph Anderer (horn), Stephanie Mortimer (piccolo) Evan Epifanio (bassoon), Ira Lieberman (violin); Met Cast Roundtable: Lise Davidsen and Michael Volle. Live and livestreamed.
    Nov. 8. Maestro Antonio Pappano (conductor of the Met Meistersinger). Interview with Fred Cohn. Live and livestreamed.
    Dec. 13. Donald Palumbo, Met Chorus Master. Interview with Susan Brodie. Live and streamed.
    Jan. 30. Jeffrey Swann, pianist. Recital, including excerpts from Götterdämmerung. Live and livestreamed.
    March 6. John Muller, lecturer. Richard Strauss operas at the Met. Live and livestreamed.
    June 30. Hans Neuenfels, retrospective of German director of Bayreuth Lohengrin, with clips and interviews with Annette Dasch, Nelly Danker, Carole Farley; Scott Carlton, presenter. Streamed.

    Retrospective of 2020-2021 Season

    Sept. 14. Launch of Alex Ross’ book Wagnerism: Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music, with Ross and A. O. Scott. Virtual event with Powerhouse Arena.
    Nov. 19. Alex Ross in conversation with Prof. Heath Lees (in New Zealand) on Ross’ recent book. Virtual event.
    Dec. 11. Masterclass with Stephen Gould, heldentenor, coaching three WSNY awardee and grantee tenors: Jeremy Brauner, Errin Duane Brooks, and Mauricio Trejo. Virtual event.
    Jan. 10. Jeffrey Swann, pianist and lecturer: “New Year’s Concert.” Virtual event.
    Feb. 28. Prof. Harlow Robinson. “The Russian Parsifal?: Rimsky-Korsakov and the Invisible City of Kitezh.” Virtual event.
    April 30. Maestro Eve Queler and Rienzi. With solos by Jeremy Brauner and Mary Ann Stewart. Virtual event.
    May 16. Helena Brown, soprano (WSNY awardee), and Bradley Moore, piano. Live and streamed.
    June 25. Marian Burleigh-Motley, PhD, lecturer. “Parsifal and French Symbolism.” With solos by Amy Shoremount-Obra (WSNY awardee). Virtual event.

    Retrospective of 2019-2020 Season

    Sept. 20. Bayreuth Festival Highlights: German Bravo-Casas on Siegfried Wagner’s life and career; John Muller on the new production of Tannhäuser ; Scott Carlton on the anniversary of Wolfgang Wagner’s birth and his years as Director of the Bayreuth Festival.
    Oct. 23. Eve Queler on Conducting Wagner, with booksigning of her memoir A View from the Podium.
    Nov. 13. Francesca Zambello and Die Feen, with cast members and production team scheduled for The Glimmerglass Festival.
    Nov. 16. Reception in honor of Stephen Gould, heldentenor (appearing with NY Philharmonic), with interview.
    Dec. 6. Saul Lilienstein: “Wagner and Brahms: The War of the Romantics.”
    Feb. 23. Film of Der fliegende Holländer, directed by Joachim Herz, with introduction by Hilan Warshaw.
    March 15 (scheduled but canceled). Seminar on Der fliegende Holländer, transferred to webinar.
    June 29 and July 1. Virtual Seminar/Webinar on Der fliegende Holländer. Prof. Hans Rudolf Vaget, Prof. Peter Bloom, Victoria Bond, Joe Pearce, Jeffrey Swann; interview with cast members David Portillo (Steersman) and Franz-Josef Selig (Daland). Moderator: F. Peter Phillips.

    Retrospective of 2018-2019 Season

    Sept. 21. Summer Festivals: Bayerische Staatsoper and Bayreuth. Presentations by members.
    Oct. 9. Hungarian Opera—Past and Present. Highlighting the visit of the Hungarian State Opera and National Ballet.
    Dec. 7. Saul Lilienstein: “Wagner’s Sonic Explorations.”
    Jan. 14. Interview and reception in honor of Piotr Beczala, tenor.
    Jan. 23. Michael Sherwin: “Leonard Bernstein at 100: A Master Wagnerian.”
    Feb. 24. “Ring Cycle: Vocal Showcase.” Collaboration with Metropolitan Opera Guild, featuring six WSNY grantees.
    March 31. Seminar: “New Insights into Wagner’s Ring Cycle.” Speakers: Assoc. Prof. Gundula Kreuzer, Hannah Chan-Hartley, Alexander K. Rothe, Prof. Simon Williams; moderator: Robert J. Sweeney. Met Cast Roundtable: Christine Goerke, Greer Grimsley, Tomasz Konieczny, Stefan Vinke.
    April 14. Reception in honor of Michael Volle, baritone: an appreciation to Special Contributor Members.
    April 29 and May 6. Das Rheingold Receptions.
    May 1. Paul du Quenoy: “Narcissism in the Ring: How to Find Yourself in Wagner’s Greatest Work.”
    May 3 and 10. Jennifer B. Lee, curator: Unique Materials in the Columbia University Rare Book & Manuscript Library (exhibit and talk), followed by lunch.
    May 5. Rhine Journey on the Hudson: lunch cruise, with Ring cast members.
    May 8. Jeffrey Swann: “The Norns and the Magic of Time.”
    May 19. Wagner Birthday Recital: Suzanne Hendrix, mezzo (WSNY Robert Lauch Endowed Fund awardee), and Carami Hilaire, soprano (WSNY awardee), with reception.
    August. Bayreuth Festival: group sale and pre-performance lectures by John J. H. Muller.

    Retrospective of 2017-2018 Season

    Oct. 6. Judith Cabaud, author:  Mathilde Wesendonck: Isolde’s Dream. With book signing.
    Nov. 13. Mark Berry: “The Disillusionment of Revolutionaries: Wagner, Frank Castorf, and the Ring.”
    Dec. 8. Francesca Zambello, director of San Francisco Ring: “Shining the Ring: Revisiting It as a Director”; with Maestro Donald Runnicles, conductor of the Ring.
    Jan. 6. Holiday Recital: Clay Hilley, tenor, and Abdiel Vázquez, piano.
    Jan. 28. Vocal showcase:  Parsifal, with commentary, joint event with Met Opera Guild. WSNY grantees: Leah Crowne, Mauricio Trejo, John Dominick III.
    Feb. 18. Annual Seminar:  Parsifal. Speakers: William Kinderman, Katherine Syer, Sarah Kay, Jeffrey Swann. Met Cast Roundtable: Evelyn Herlitzius, Peter Mattei, and Evgeny Nikitin. Moderator: F. Peter Phillips.
    March 22. Thomas S. Grey: “The Ring as Eco-Parable.”
    May 20. Special Contributors Reception: presentation of Anton Seidl Award to Mignon Dunn, mezzo-soprano.
    May 20. Centenary Tribute to Birgit Nilsson: Ken Benson, host.
    June 13. Exclusive Screening of a 90-minute documentary: “Birgit Nilsson – A League of Her Own.”
    June 27. Annual business meeting, book sale, screening of excerpts from Centenary Tribute.
    August. Bayreuth Festival: group sale and pre-performance lectures by John J. H. Muller.

    Retrospective of 2016-2017 season

    Sept. 23. Roundup of Summer Festivals: Washington, Budapest, Bayreuth.
    Oct. 9.  Tristan und Isolde Seminar: Donald Rosenthal, Robert Sutherland, Jeffrey Swann, Hans Vaget, and the Met  Tristan Cast Roundtable: Nina Stemme, Ekaterina Gubanova, Stuart Skelton, and René Pape.  Moderator: Robert J. Sweeney.
    Nov. 9. Cesare Civetta: “Toscanini and Wagner.”
    Dec. 4. Alexander K. Rothe: “Revisiting Chéreau’s Bayreuth Ring.”
    Jan. 28. Awardees Recital: Amy Shoremount-Obra, soprano, and Cameron Schutza, tenor.
    Feb. 24. Viewing and talks on Austrian Cultural Forum exhibition.
    March 21. Klaus Florian Vogt, Hanna-Elisabeth Müller, and Sebastian Weigle (stars of  Fidelio), interviewed by Scott Carlton.
    March 26. Special Contributors Reception: Günther Groissböck, honoree.
    April 30. 40th anniversary Dutchman lunch cruise.
    May 20. 40th anniversary recital, reminiscences of Kit Gill (WSNY Vice President, d.2017), and gala reception/buffet.
    June 1. NY Philharmonic:  Das Rheingold (group sale).
    June 14. Prof. Simon Williams: “Wagner and Modernity: The Unique Vision of  Parsifal.”
    Aug. 20–28. Bayreuth Festival Lecture Series. John Muller, lecturer.

    Retrospective of 2015-2016 Season

    Sept.17. Francesca Zambello. Discussion of Washington National Opera Ring. With Daniel Brenna (Siegfried) and Ryan McKinny (Günther).
    Oct. 25.  Tannhäuser Seminar. Speakers: Dorothea von Mücke, Marion Burleigh-Motley, Joe Pearce, Victor Callegari, Ira Lieberman, Sylvia Nolan, Jasmin Cowin; Met Cast Roundtable: Eva-Maria Westbroek, Michelle DeYoung, Frank van Aken, Peter Mattei, Günther Groissböck. Robert Sweeney, moderator.
    Dec. 8. Walter Frisch. “After Tristan”: its impact, and the 2015 Bayreuth production.
    Jan. 3. Holiday Recital. Felicia Moore, soprano; Craig Ketter, piano.
    Jan. 22. Sven Friedrich: “The New Wagner Museum in Bayreuth.” At the Morgan Library & Museum, in conjunction with their exhibit “Wagner’s Ring: Forging an Epic.”
    March 2. Masterclass with Adrianne Pieczonka, Met soprano.
    April 3. “Wagner in Hungary”: multi-media program presented by Hungarian Consulate; screening of “Meeting Venus.”
    April 8. Erica Miner: “21 Years at the Met.”
    May 5. Tribute to Waltraud Meier, Met soprano (for special contributor members).  Interview with F. Paul Driscoll; message from Mo. Daniel Barenboim, remarks by distinguished guests; presentation of Anton Seidl Award.
    Group sales for members: Adelphi Orchestra Wagner concert, Washington National Opera Ring, Met Orchestra Wagner concert, Budapest 4-day Ring, Bayreuth Festival.
    Aug. 20-26. Bayreuth Festival Lecture Series: John Muller, Lecturer.

    Retrospective of 2014-2015 season

    Sept. 17. Summer Festivals: Budapest, Erl, and Bayreuth (with visuals).
    Oct. 19. Tribute to Maestro Lorin Maazel; Michael Sherwin, presenter (with audio and video clips).
    Nov. 18. Joseph Horowitz: “Wagner’s Surrogate Son: New Perspectives on Anton Seidl in Wahnfried.” With book signing.
    Dec. 7. Seminar on Die Meistersinger. Speakers: Marian Burleigh-Motley, Nicholas Vazsonyi, Donald Palumbo, Joe Pearce; Met principals; Annette Dasch, Johan Botha, James Morris. Moderator: Robert J. Sweeney.
    Jan. 4. Holiday Duo-Recital: Jennifer D. Behnke, soprano; Ric Furman, tenor; Thomas Bagwell, piano.
    Jan. 28. Peter Conrad: “The Greatest of the Monsters?” Conversation with Fred Cohn. With book signing.
    Feb. 24. Charles Affron: “From Fremstad to Flagstad: Wagner at the Met, 1914-1935.” With book signing.
    March 13. Martin Kirschen: “The Story Map of the Land of the Ring.”
    April 8. Peter Bassett: “Wagner’s Die Meistersinger and Lortzing’s Hans Sachs.”
    April 19. Reception in honor of Eva-Maria Westbroek, soprano (for special contributors).
    May 10. Prof. Heath Lees: “Exploring the Ring.” Lecture with piano and a/v illustrations. With Wagner’s 202nd birthday celebration.
    June 11-14. Budapest Ring Cycle, with WSNY group attendance.
    July-Aug. Attendance at Bayreuth Festival.
    Aug. 17. Bayreuth Festival: Lecture and reception in recognition of the  new production of Tristan und Isolde; John Muller, lecturer.

    Retrospective of 2013-2014 Season
    Sept. 22. Wagner Day: Open house and reception for exhibit of Celebrated Composers in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Columbia University. Followed by screening of documentary film by Hilan Warshaw: “Wagner’s Jews”; with panel discussion, moderated by Lydia Goehr. Panelists: Philip Kitcher, Stuart Klawans, Anne Midgette, Hilan Warshaw.
    Oct. 9. Summer Festivals: Bayreuth and Seattle. PowerPoints and panels. Alfred Jones, moderator. Bayreuth: Scott Carlton, Michael Engber, John Muller, Rebecca Wui; Seattle: Don Crawshaw, Matthew Hoffman.
    Nov. 24. Wagner and Strauss Seminar, with emphasis on  Die Frau ohne Schatten. Speakers: Vladimir Jurowski (conductor), J. Knighten Smit (director), Prof. Kevin C. Karnes, Prof. Bryan Gilliam, Joe Pearce; Met Cast Roundtable: Christine Goerke, Anne Schwanewilms, Ildikó Komlósi, Johan Reuter. Moderator: Robert J. Sweeney.
    Jan. 4. Holiday Recital. Sarah Heltzel, mezzo, and John Dominick, bass-baritone.
    Jan. 10. Stephanie Blythe, mezzo-soprano, Fricka in Met Opera and Seattle Opera Ring Cycles: Interview and reception. Ken Benson, host.
    Feb. 7. Reception in honor of Maestro Adam Fischer, for special contributor members.
    Feb. 19. Information program on Budapest Ring with reception, hosted by Hungarian Consulate General.
    Feb. 23. “Russia at the Met.” Prof. Boris Gasparov: “ Eugene Onegin,  Tristan, and Problems of Operatic Realism”; Marian Burleigh-Motley: visual presentation on  Prince Igor and  The Nose.
    March 19. Simon O’Neill, Met Opera and international heldentenor: Interview, with performances from his roles in which he accompanied himself. Scott Carlton, host.
    April 24. “Wagner –A Genius in Exile”: A scenic documentary film with interviews and music, about Wagner’s sojourns in Switzerland. Antoine Wagner, guest of honor and interviewee. Scott Carlton, host.
    May 17 & 18. Two-day Ring Marathon. Two operas each day, with two different productions, featuring the Amsterdam Ring and the Royal Danish Opera Ring.
    June 12-15. Budapest Ring Cycle, with WSNY group attendance.
    August.  Attendance at Bayreuth Festival.

    Retrospective of 2012-2013 Season

    Sept. 21. Summer 2012 in Bayreuth, Munich, and Frankfurt: Panel, visuals, and audio clips.
    Oct. 17. Centennial Tribute to Sir Georg Solti. Panel: Lady Valerie Solti (guest of honor), Hans Boon and Harvey Sachs; moderated by F. Paul Driscoll. PowerPoint presentation.
    Nov. 28. Francesca Zambello (General & Artistic Director, Glimmerglass Festival): “Painting on a Large Canvas…the Great Epics”;  Der fliegende Holländer at Glimmerglass.
    Dec. 14. Opera Australia: reception and presentation on the Melbourne Ring and Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour.
    Jan. 3, 2013. Reception in honor of Iréne Theorin, Bayreuth and Metropolitan Opera soprano: an event for special contributor members.
    Jan. 5. Holiday Recital: Amy Yekel (soprano), Adam Herskowitz (tenor), and Mitchell Cirker (piano).
    Feb. 24.  Parsifal Seminar: Speakers: Joshua Billings, Marian Burleigh-Motley, Saul Lilienstein,  and W. Anthony Sheppard. Met Cast Roundtable: Katarina Dalayman, Rúni Brattaberg, and Craig Montgomery. Moderator: F. Peter Phillips.
    March 6. Asher Fisch, conductor of the 2013 Seattle Ring.
    March 18. Boston Lyric Opera: David Angus, Music Director, on their original version of  Der fliegende Holländer.
    April–May: Met Ring: ancillary events.
    April 25 and May 4. Receptions and  Das Rheingold dinners.
    Dialogues. April 26: Jonathan Khuner (Met assistant conductor and prompter); May 7: Fabio Luisi, Met principal conductor and Ring conductor.
    May 5. “Rhine Journey on the Hudson”: lunch cruise in New York harbor.
    May 17. Presentation of Anton Seidl Award to the Met Orchestra, with reception.
    June 30. Group excursion to Princeton Festival: Lecture by Jeffrey Swann and  Der fliegende Holländer matinee.
    July 18-19. Group trip to Glimmerglass Festival for  Der fliegende Holländer and  Camelot.
    August. Attendance at Bayreuth Festival.

    Retrospective of 2011-2012 Season

    September 23. Bayreuth Festival: Visuals, audio clips, and panel: John J. H. Muller (moderator), Scott Carlton, and Simon Frisch.
    October. Link with Met and Met Opera Guild events featuring  Siegfried.
    November 14. Liszt recital, with commentary, by Jeffrey Swann, Ph.D.
    December 7. Interview and reception with Jonas Kaufmann (tenor) in his honor. With visuals.
    January 8, 2012. Holiday Musicale: Lori Guilbeau (soprano) and Christopher Cano (piano).
    January 23.  Rienzi: A Discussion. Maestro Eve Queler and  Rienzi soloists: Geraldine Chauvet (mezzo) and Elisabeth Matos (soprano).
    January 27. Group sale for  Rienzi: concert performance by Opera Orchestra of NY.
    February 5.  Götterdämmerung Seminar: Scholars: Marian Burleigh-Motley, Will Crutchfield, Ryan Minor, Joe Pearce, Hilan Warshaw; Met Cast Roundtable: Katarina Dalayman, Wendy Bryn Harmer, Hans-Peter König, Jay Hunter Morris, Iain Paterson.
    March 27. Opera in HD: A Panel Discussion. Hilan Warshaw, moderator; Panelists: Heidi Waleson, Dr. Brian Large, and Eric Owens.
    April 26–May 10. Met Ring cycles: ancillary events (receptions, dinners, exhibits, lectures).
    May 6. “Rhine Journey on the Hudson”: lunch cruise in lower New York harbor.
    May 22. Interview with Nina Stemme (soprano) and Mark Delavan (baritone); Margaret Juntwait, host; reception in celebration of Wagner’s 199th birthday and 35th anniversary of the Wagner Society of New York.
    August 24–28. Bayreuth Festival attendance and English language lectures sponsored by WSNY; John J. H. Muller, 2012 lecturer.

    Retrospective of 2010-2011 Season

    September 15. Robert Lepage: A Conversation on his Ring production.
    September 24. Bayreuth Lohengrin and LA Ring. Panel, visuals, and audio clips.
    October 15. Prof. Nicholas Vazsonyi (University of SC): Richard Wagner: Self-Promotion and the Making of a Brand. With visuals and booksigning.
    October 31. Nancy Ellison: Entering Wagner’s World on her book of photos, Wagner’s Eternal Ring. With visuals and booksigning.
    November 17. Francesca Zambello: The Bridge to Valhalla on her production of the San Francisco Ring and the Glimmerglass Festival. With visuals.
    December 3. Prof. Jeffrey Langford (Manhattan School of Music): Pelléas et Mélisande and the Exorcism of Wagner.
     January 9, 2011. Holiday Musicale: Meagan Miller, soprano (Robert Lauch Endowed Fund awardee) and William Hobbs, pianist .
    January 18. Guided tour of Joseph Urban exhibit at Columbia University.
    March 18. Dan Sherman: Wagner at the Met since 1883. With visuals.
    March 27. Reception for Stuart Skelton (Drum Major in Met production of Wozzeck, Robert Lauch Memorial Fund awardee). A Meet the Artist event for special contributors.
    April 8. Waltraud Meier (Bayreuth Festival and Met Opera Marie in Wozzeck): interview and reception in her honor. With visuals.
    May 1. Annual Seminar on  Die Walküre during the Met run. Distinguished scholars (Edward Haymes, Joe Pearce, Jeffrey Swann, Hilan Warshaw), and Met Cast Roundtable: Sabine Hogrefe (Brünnhilde cover), Marjorie Elinor Dix, Stuart Skelton, and Jukka Rasilainen (Wotan cover).
    May 17. Screening of film on Siegfried Wagner and Wagner’s 198th birthday celebration.
    June 14. Annual business meeting, followed by encore of excerpts from Waltraud Meier program.
    August 24-28. Bayreuth Festival: English language lectures sponsored by WSNY; John Muller, 2011 lecturer.
    August 24–28. Bayreuth Festival attendance and English language lectures sponsored by WSNY; John J. H. Muller, 2012 lecturer.

    Retrospective of 2009-2010 Season

    September 25. Bayreuth 2009 and Bard Music Festival (Wagner and His World)
    October 25. Patrice Chéreau on Chéreau: 1976 Bayreuth Ring and his other oeuvre.
    November 13. Reception in honor of Sir Willard White, for special contributors.
    December 9. Mattia Battistini, King of Baritones and Baritone of Kings by Jacques Chuilon and Gregory Reinhart; booksigning.
    December 27. Holiday Musicale: Adrienne Dugger and Brian Register.
    January 13. Sir Thomas Allen: From Don Giovanni to Beckmesser: interview.
    February 3. A Tribute to Plácido Domingo: multi-media program and presentation of Anton Seidl Award.
    March 19. The Unknown Wagner by M. J. Albacete (rarely heard Wagner on recordings).
    April 25. Seminar on  Der fliegende Holländer. Speakers: Saul Lilienstein, Hans Melderis M.D., Maestro Kazushi Ono, Joe Pearce, Hilan Warshaw; Met Cast Roundtable: Lori Phillips, Stephen Gould, Hans-Peter König, Juha Uusitalo. Moderator: F. Peter Phillips.
    May 21. Wagner Birthday Party, with excerpts from A Tribute to Plácido Domingo.
    June 1. Commemorative tribute to George London: multi-media program.
    August 20–28. Bayreuth English-Language Lecture Series. 2010 lecturer: John J. H. Muller.

    Retrospective of 2008-2009 Season

    September 25. “Bayreuth 2008.” Visuals and discussion by attendees.
    October 28. John J. H. Muller. “Wagner as Miniaturist: A Study of Tristan und Isolde.”
    November 11. Maestro James Conlon. “The First Los Angeles Ring.”
    December 7.  Tristan und Isolde Seminar. Lectures by Marian Burleigh-Motley, Joe Pearce, Jeffrey Swann, Prof. Hans Rudolf Vaget; Met Cast Roundtable.
    January 4. Holiday Musicale: Valerie Bernhardt and Corey Bix.
    January 16. Gary Thalheimer. “Teatro Colón: Its History and Great Wagner Performances.”
    February 27. Prof. Robert Bailey. “The Wagner Tuba.” With musical illustrations by Anne Scharer (Wagner tuba, Met Orchestra).
    March 28. John J. H. Muller. “Wagner’s Subtle Art of Transitions in the Ring” (luncheon-lecture).
    March 30. Reception and presentation of Anton Seidl Awards to Otto Schenk and Günther Schneider-Siemssen.
    April 2. “Otto Schenk and Joe Clark: A Conversation.”
    April 27 and May 4. Welcome receptions and boutiques.
    April 27 and May 4.  Das Rheingold dinners.
    April 28 and 30. Lectures on Ring topics by Desirée Mays.
    May 1. “Rhine Journey on the Hudson”: dinner cruise in New York harbor.
    May 8. Jeffrey Swann. “Wrapping It All Up: The Immolation Scene” (luncheon-lecture).
    August 20–28: Bayreuth English-Language Lecture Series. 2009 lecturer: Professor Hans Rudolf Vaget.

    Retrospective of the 2007-2008 Season

    September 20: “ Die Meistersinger (Bayreuth); Kirov Ring (New York).” Panel discussion and visuals. Panelists: Kirov Ring: Ellen Scaruffi, John Margulis, and Erick Neher. Bayreuth: Verena Kossodo, Scott Carlton, and Erick Neher. Visuals on Kirov Ring: Mr. Neher. Powerpoint presentation on  Die Meistersinger: Eugene Brister. F. Peter Phillips, moderator.
    October 17: Dr. Sven Friedrich (Bayreuth archivist): “The Honorable Lady, An Appraisal of Cosima Wagner.”
    December 6: Prof. Hans Rudolf Vaget (Smith College): “The Importance of Ernest Newman.”
    December 30: Holiday Musicale: Julia Rolwing (soprano) and Jeffrey Springer (tenor), WSNY endowed fund grantees; Lloyd Arriola, pianist.
    January 5, 2008: Reception for Adrienne Pieczonka, Bayreuth and Met soprano (for special contributor members).
    January 29: Conversation with Anja Silja and Eva Wagner-Pasquier. In collaboration with George London Foundation.
    February 3: Annual Seminar, on  Die Walküre. Speakers: Professors Edward Haymes and Robert Bailey, Cori Ellison, Joe Pearce, Maestro Donald Runnicles; Met Cast Roundtable, hosted by Lew Grenville, moderator: Margaret Jane Wray (Sieglinde cover), Michelle DeYoung (Brangäne), and Clifton Forbis (Siegmund).
    March 26: Reception for Gary Lehman (tenor), WSNY grantee who sang two performances of the Met  Tristan, and his wife Susan Foster (soprano) (for special contributor members).
    April 13: Paul Schofield: “Wagner and Buddhism” with booksigning for his book  The Redeemer Reborn: Parsifal  as the Fifth Opera of the Ring.
    May 21: Program on  Das Liebesverbot by cast members and director of Glimmerglass Opera (preparation for their presentation of the fully staged American premiere of the opera).
    August 22: Group attendance at  Das Liebesverbot, Glimmerglass Opera.
    August 20–28: Bayreuth English-Language Lecture Series. 2008 lecturer: Professor Hans Rudolf Vaget.

    Retrospective of the 2006-2007 Season

    September 28: “The New Bayreuth Ring.” Annual program on the Bayreuth Festival, with visuals and panel discussion. Panelists: Verena Kossodo, Bill Earle, Lew Grenville, Frank Hartin, and Aidan Mooney; F. Peter Phillips, moderator.
    October 26: Donald Arthur: “Hans Hotter, an Operatic Giant.” Lecture with audio and visual illustrations, by translator and editor of  Hans Hotter: Memoirs. Booksigning and purchase
    October 28: Reception for Heinz Zednik, Bayreuth tenor (for special contributor members).
    November 14: Yvonne Nilges, Ph.D.: “Richard Wagner’s Midsummer Night’s Dream:  Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.”
    December 13: John Louis Gaetani, Ph.D.: “Inside the Ring.” With panel of essay authors (Winnie Klotz, Neil Friedman, Gregory Kershner, and Geoffrey Riggs), discussing his new book. Booksigning and purchase.
    December 31: Holiday Musicale: Sara Greeson (soprano) and David Kelso (tenor); Linda Hall, pianist. Featuring  Die Walküre, Act I, Scene 3.
    January 28, 2007: “Mozart Reflected in Wagner.” Panel: Professors Lydia Goehr, Peter Hoyt, and Philip Kitcher.
    February 26: Francesca Zambello: “Directing Wagner Today.”
    March 11: Annual Seminar on  Die Meistersinger on Nürnberg. Speakers: William Wixom, Hans Rudolf Vaget, Nicholas Vazsonyi, Joe Pearce, Yuval Sharon, Jonathan Khuner, Raymond Hughes, and Met Cast Roundtable (Clayton Brainerd, Marie Plette, Richard Brunner).
    April 12: “The Three Divas” (interview with Martha Mödl, Birgit Nilsson, and Astrid Varnay).
    May 20, 2007: Memorial tributes to Astrid Varnay and Thomas Stewart. Appreciations, videos, and audio examples. Presenters: Tim Page and Geoffrey Riggs. Also, a celebration of Wagner’s 184 th birthday and WSNY’s 30th anniversary.
    July 13–21. Ring à la Russe, during the Kirov Ring cycles.
    July 13 and July 16: Hospitality Suites: reception and boutique of Wagner-related books and Wagneriana.
    July 13 and July 16:  Das Rheingold dinners.
    July 15 “Rhine Journey on the Hudson.” 4-1/2 hour harbor dinner cruise on the World Yacht  Princess.
    July 18 “The Influence of Wagner on Russian and Soviet Art”—Lecture with slide presentation by Marian Burleigh-Motley.
    July 21: “The Kirov Ring in Context.”—Panel of presentations by scholars and specialists. Moderator: Catharine Nepomnyashchy.
    Speakers: Lynn Garafola, Joe Pearce, Maya Pritsker, and Ellen Scaruffi. Co-presentation of WSNY and Harriman Institute.
    August 20–28. Bayreuth English-Language Lecture Series. 2007 lecturer: Jeffrey Swann, Ph.D.

    Retrospective of the 2005-2006 Season

    September 16: “Bayreuth 2005.” Visuals and panel discussion of new Bayreuth production of Tristan and Isolde and other 2005 operas. Bill Earle, Verena Kossodo, John Margulis George Preston, and Andrew Zacks; F. Peter Phillips, moderator.
    October 6: Donald Arthur. “Ghosting for the Stars.” Co-biographer with Astrid Varnay, Hans Hotter, and James King. With rare footage and musical examples.
    November 17: Stuart Skelton, heldentenor. Reception and interview.
    December 6: William Berger, author and lecturer. “Evolution of the Gesamtkunst.”
    January 1, 2006: New Year’s Day Musicale: Recital by Barbara Quintiliani, soprano, and Andrew Gangestad, bass.
    February 24: Prof. Simon Williams, University of  California, Santa Barbara. “Coming to Terms with History: Wagner, Nietzsche, and the Ring.”
    February 27, March 27, April 24, and May 1: “Wagner Our Contemporary.” Four provocative programs with superb soloists, including WSNY’s Lauch Awardee and Met soprano Marjorie Elinor Dix. Presented by French Institute Alliance Française.
    March 9: Special contributors’ event. Lohengrin DVD (Vienna State Opera)– excerpts, commentary, performances by grantees Andrew Gangestad and Gary Lehman, and champagne reception.
    March 27, April 24, and May 1: “Wagner Our Contemporary.” Provocative programs with superb soloists, including WSNY’s Lauch Memorial Grant Awardee and Met soprano Marjorie Elinor Dix. Presented by French Institute Alliance Française.
    April 7: Professor Boris Gasparov, Columbia University. “Shostakovich’s Fifteenth Symphony and the Semiology of Siegfried’s Death.”
    April 23: Annual Seminar: “The Grail Operas.” Speakers: Professors Joseph Goering, William Kinderman, Katherine Syer, and Benjamn Korstvedt, Joe Pearce; Met Cast Roundtable, hosted by F. Peter Phillips, moderator; Luana DeVol (Ortrud), Kelly Cae Hogan (Elsa cover), Greer Grimsley (Telramund), and Simon O’Neill (Lohengrin cover).
    May 21: Memorial tribute to James King, and birthday tributes to Mr. King and Richard Wagner ((May 22) and Birgit Nilsson (May 17).
    August 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25, and 27. Bayreuth Festival English Language Lectures. Jeffrey Swann, DMA

    Retrospective of the 2004-2005 Season

    September 22:  “Bayreuth 2004” Visuals, tapes, and panel discussion by attendees: Felicia Bonaparte, Eugene Brister, Verena Kossodo, and Thurmond Smithgall. Moderator: F. Peter Phillips.
    October 15: Dr. Oswald Georg Bauer, lecturer.  “United are Love and Spring.”
    November 23: Prof. Michael Beckerman, lecturer.  “The Not Too Long and Somewhat Strange Story of How Dvorak Came to Choose Wagner over Brahms. Celebration of the centennial of Dvorak’s death”
    December 5:  “Tannhäuser Seminar” Speakers: Prof. Robert Bailey, Prof. Stephen R. Cerf, Joe Pearce; Met Cast Roundtable, hosted by Robert J. Sweeney), moderator: Michelle DeYoung, Mark Lundberg (Tannhäuser cover), Charles Taylor (Biterolf). Production panel discussion, hosted by Peter Allen: Phoebe Berkowitz (Tannhäuser stage director), Steve Brown (Met company manager), Diana Levy (ballet director), Sylvia Nolan (costume director).
    January 2: Holiday Musicale: Recital by Charles Taylor, Met Opera baritone (WSNY Robert Lauch Award recipient, 2004).
    January 22: Joe Pearce. ” Tannhäuser and the Windgassen Family.”
    February 10: 1912 silent film “The Life of Richard Wagner” (digitally remastered in DVD format with soundtrack) and discussion of film by Dr. Paul Fryer.
    March 11: Mark Lundberg, heldentenor. Recital, interview, and dinner (a benefit for the WSNY Singers Fund).
    March 18: Speight Jenkins. “The 2005 Seattle Opera Ring.” With presentation of Anton Seidl Award to Mr. Jenkins.
    April 27: 2-hour documentary on Astrid Varnay, Donald Collup: “Never before: The Life and ‘First’ New York Career of Astrid Varnay”
    May 22: Wagner Birthday Celebration on his 192 nd birthday.
    June 9: New York Philharmonic concert, Lorin Maazel conductor. Wagner: Siegfried Idyll; Berg: Seven Early Songs (Deborah Voigt); Bruckner Symphony No. 3
    August 23, 24, 26, 27, and 28: Bayreuth English-language Lectures. Jeffrey Buller, Ph.D.

    Retrospective of the 2003-2004 Season

    October 2: Jeffrey Swann, Ph.D. “ Tristan and the Mystic Experience.”
    November 7:  Craig Knobles and Prof. Felicia Bonaparte. “ Rienzi.” Multimedia lecture on  Rienzi in literature, art, and performance.
    November 14: Adrienne Dugger, soprano; Craig Ketter, pianist. Recital, interview with slides of  Der Fliegende Holländer (Bayreuth), and dinner.
    December 13: Prof. Hugh Macdonald. “Berlioz and Wagner: Master Sculptor and Master Singer.”
    December 20: Reception in honor of John Tomlinson, bass, for special contributor members.
    January 4: Holiday Musicale: Recital with Jennifer Wilson, soprano, and Roxanne Rowedder, mezzo; Thomas Bagwell, pianist.
    January 14: Prof. Edward R. Haymes. “The Two Rings: Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Wagner’s Ring Cycle.”
    February 10. Maestro Pierre Boulez. Interview and reception.
    March 17 & 24. Alan Wagner. Mini-course on the Ring. Co-sponsored by the Society and City University of New York Graduate Center.
    April 4: Reception in honor of Siegfried Jerusalem, tenor, for special contributor members.
    April 25:  Das Rheingold Seminar. Speakers: Dr. Árni Björnsson, Prof. Patrick McCreless, Erick Neher, Joe Pearce, and Alan Wagner. Met Cast Roundtable: Yvonne Naef (Fricka), Philip Langridge (Loge) and Richard Paul Fink (Alberich). Moderator: Lew Grenville.
    Met Ring Cycles: special events:
    April 26 & 29, May 3 & 6. Hospitality Suites: Reception and boutique for Met Ring attendees.
    April 26 & May 3.  Das Rheingold Dinners for Met Ring attendees.
    April 27. Reception in honor of Dr. Árni Björnsson, author of  Wagner and the Volsungs, and book signing, co-hosted with Icelandic Consulate General.
    May 1. Prof. Philip Kitcher, co-author, with Prof. Richard Schacht, of  Finding an Ending: Reflections on Wagner’s Ring. Luncheon-lecture and book signing.
    May 7. Rhine Journey on the Hudson and presentation of the Anton Seidl Award to James Morris.
    June 6. American Symphony Orchestra, Leon Botstein, conductor. Wagner’s  Das Liebesmahl der Apostel and other choral works by Liszt and Mendelssohn. Group attendance.
    August 20-28. Bayreuth English-Language Lecture Series. Jeffrey L. Buller, Ph.D.

    Retrospective of the 2002-2003 Season

    September 17: Berlin Festtage: Roundtable discussion by attendees.
    October 11: Jess Thomas Commemoration. Luana DeVol, Mignon Dunn, Martin Bernheimer, Victor Thomas, Violeta Thomas.
    October 23: Maestro Leon Botstein and Henry-Louis de La Grange. “Mahler and Opera.”
    December 13: Professor Hans Rudolf Vaget. “The Great Survivor: Richard Strauss in the Course of Time.”
    January 5: Holiday Musicale with Jennifer Roderer, mezzo-soprano, and Patrick Marques, tenor; Thomas Bagwell, pianist.
    January 9:  Conversation with Director Otto Schenk.
    January 18: New York Philharmonic: Wagner and Strauss program; Jane Eaglen, soloist. Group attendance.
    January 24: Sir Peter Jonas and Maestro Zubin Mehta.“The Power of Emotions—350 Years of Opera in Munich.”  Co-presentation with German Consulate and Bayerische Staatsoper.
    February 16: “Discovering Siegfried Wagner.” Symposium speakers: Xavier Nicolás and Professor Peter P. Pachl. Recorded excerpts of S. Wagner’s operas and other compositions; premiere of 60-minute DVD documentary of his life and works by Jordi Nin.
    March 14:Paul Taylor Dance Company’s opening night performance, featuring “Roses” set to “Siegfried Idyll.”  Group attendance.
    March 18: Ward Marston, restoration producer. “Reclaiming the Heritage”: highlighting his restoration of the 1936 Teatro Colón  Parsifal.
    April 6:  Parsifal Seminar. Speakers: Prof. Peggy McCracken, Prof. William Kinderman, and Prof. Katherine Syer, Joe Pearce, and Alan Wagner. Met Cast Roundtable: Violeta Urmana (Kundry), René Pape (Gurnemanz), Eric Halfvarson (Titurel), and Falk Struckmann (Amfortas).
    April 22: Prof. Boris Gasparov and Prof. Hans Rudolf Vaget.  “Between Music and Autobiography.”
    May 23: Wagner Birthday Party.
    August 20-28: Bayreuth English-Language Lecture Series. Jeffrey L. Buller, Ph.D.