The 2024 Bayreuth Festival schedule is now online.

2024 New Production:

Tristan und Isolde opens the Festival on July 25, directed by Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson, conducted by Semyon Bychkov, and starring Andreas Schager and Camilla Nylund. Two Ring cycles will be presented (July 28-Aug 2 and August 20-25), as well as Tannhäuser, Der fliegende Holländer, and Parsifal.

Access to Bayreuth Tickets through WSNY:

The Wagner Society of New York offers members exclusive opportunities to apply for Bayreuth Festival tickets, which are reserved for current Members (except Digital Members), and are subject to availability. If you are interested in obtaining tickets for the 2024 Festival through the WSNY, please send an email to with your complete contact information (phone, email, and address), as well as any performance preferences and the number of tickets (one or two) requested. WSNY will request tickets for Ring Cycle II (August 20-25) and other operas scheduled in late August. If you are requesting tickets for Parsifal, please indicate if you want seats for which Augmented Reality (“AR”) glasses are available.

Priority will first be given to Members who have not received tickets recently, and then by order of receipt of application. Note that a contribution equal to 15% of the ticket price will be added. If, after submitting your request to WSNY, you obtain tickets through a different source please advise us as soon as possible.

Please send your ticket request as soon as possible, and no later than October 5. We regret the late notice, but the Bayreuth Festival has just advanced the order submission date to October 8.

Other ways to obtain Bayreuth Tickets:

  1. Members of the Gesellschaft der Freunde von Bayreuth have already received their full information on the Festival with order forms.
  2. The Bayreuth Festival emailed, to those already registered, documents from the Kartenbüro in early September. In a departure from past procedure, ticket requests will be given priority based upon date of receipt, although prior waiting years and credit balances will be considered. Some ticket limitations apply. Please see all rules and procedures for ordering online here.
  3. In the past few years, a portion of the total number of Bayreuth Festival tickets is also available through immediate online sale, in a process separate from the ticket office orders described in paragraph 2, above. That process is currently scheduled to begin on December 3, 2023.