September 2023

We regret to inform you of the death, on September 19, 2023, of our friend Stephen Gould. Stephen served the Society as a member of the Advisory Board and was an artist of the highest caliber.

Stephen was awarded a grant from the Society’s Robert Lauch Memorial Fund in 1999 for an audition tour in Germany. There he began his career in the heldentenor fach, first appearing in Bayreuth in 2004 in the role of Tännhauser. He had continually expressed his gratitude to the Society for its support at a critical time of need, and scant weeks before his death repeated his hope that the Society’s efforts directed at young artists either – through the Lauch and Springer funds or through the Bayreuth Stipendium – continue and grow.

Those who, at this tender time, would like to remember Stephen’s singular technique and dedication to the art form are encouraged to view the Master Class that he offered through the Society online on YouTube here.

We also want to alert you to Stephen’s forthcoming book, Performing Wagner, to be published soon by Toccata Press in conjunction with the Wagner Society of New York. We will be sure to advise you when it is available.

We extend our gratitude for his artistry and his friendship.