Past Events

Bayreuth Festival

Bayreuth Festival: Lecture and reception in recognition of the  new production of Tristan und Isolde; John Muller, lecturer.

Bayreuth Talks

Bayreuth Festival attendance and English language lectures sponsored by WSNY; John J. H. Muller, 2012 lecturer.

Bayreith Lectures

Bayreuth Festival: English language lectures sponsored by WSNY; John Muller, 2011 lecturer.

Bayreuth Lectures

Bayreuth English-Language Lecture Series. 2010 lecturer: John J. H. Muller.

Bayreuth Talks

Bayreuth English-Language Lecture Series. 2007 lecturer: Jeffrey Swann, Ph.D.

Bayreuth Talks

Bayreuth Festival English Language Lectures. Jeffrey Swann, DMA  

Bayreuth 2004

"Bayreuth 2004" Visuals, tapes, and panel discussion by attendees: Felicia Bonaparte, Eugene Brister, Verena Kossodo, and Thurmond Smithgall. Moderator: F. Peter Phillips.